Stockbridge huts was set up in January 2019 by Will and Richard to design and build a toilet facility for Stockbridge Barn.  Using the excellent woodworking facilities in the Timber Millers workshop, the aim was to create a hut using as much local timber as possible, and keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

Future plans include converting the water supply to a rainwater harvesting system.

The experience gained on the wedding project developed into a larger order to build two bespoke Shepherd's Huts as accommodation for the wedding venue.  These are now available for hire through Cool Stays

After inheriting the mill from his father Roger, Will decided that he couldn't just watch it go to waste. So whilst working as a mechanical design engineer he started by spending one day a week milling and honing his skills. From there the client list has grown to the point where we made the decision to make this our full time business.  

After a career in the armed forces, and then as a senior manager in the NHS, Richard has been working alongside Will for five years.


Will Miller



Richard Hale